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Our Staff

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Educators and staff of NRCCC are committed to maintaining a safe environment that is supportive and meets the needs of ALL children.  We embrace and value their diverse cultural backgrounds, unique qualities and abilities through our respectful interactions and inclusive environment.

We will listen to children and give them the opportunity and support to speak up and raise any concerns.  We understand our legal and moral obligations and will act decisively on any child safety grievances or allegations of abuse that are made or identified.

Educators and staff will develop a culture of learning through reflection, attending professional learning opportunities and maintain the skills and knowledge required by our licensing bodies, current research and best practice. The Centre Philosophy, Policies and Procedures will be reviewed by all stakeholders to ensure that they are current and advocate for our collaborative community.

The centre employs 10 full-time and four part-time Educators. A small group of regular relievers are also employed to cover for staff leave and absences. The co-ordinator manages a team of professional childcare staff and the day-to-day operations of the centre.


In each of the children’s rooms, we have two Early Childhood Educator's and in the Kinder Room a Bachelor Qualified Teacher alongside an Early Childhood Teacher. Extra staff are employed to assist with the inclusion of children with additional needs, when needed.

Staff Selection

The Educators selected as part of our team are those able to provide quality care and a varied, supportive and stimulating learning environment. Educators work diligently to provide a safe and happy family atmosphere for the children in their care. They are also very friendly, approachable and display a high standard of work ethics and a professional attitude.

Ongoing Professional Development

Our team of Educators is what makes our centre the high-quality service it is, which is why the committee of management supports all Educators regularly attending professional development sessions to keep their current child-care practices up-to-date.

Each year, the centre closes for one day, providing all Educators with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge, and to enhance teamwork. In addition, each new year starts with one curriculum day where Educators set-up the centre, ensuring a welcoming start to the children’s year.

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